Efficiency-Driven Quality.

Balancing on the spectrum of high affordability and maintaining the premium quality has been a result of years of continual innovation, research, business process design, and reengineering. Right from day one of our operations, we have thrived to create a system that can consistently produce high-quality open-end cotton yarns, taking up systemic recalibration whenever necessary. In four years of operations, we have more than doubled our production capacity. Today we are producing 12,000 TPA of 100% cotton open-end yarns ranging from 5S to 30S. With our consistent quality production, you can produce excellent quality of knitted and woven fabrics, without having to worry about repeatability, inconsistencies in product features, high-prices, or environment degradation.

Measurable Excellence Across the Board.

Besides the Shivtex brand certifying the high quality of our cotton yarns, we have a very clear demarcation on what differentiates our products:

  • Wide Range: Our cotton yarns range from 5S to 30S, spread across different counts to give you absolute freedom in calibrating your production process based on your needs. With Shivtex open-end cotton yarns, you can produce the exact quality of fabric you desire without compromising on the price features.

  • Production Consistency : The wide range does not get in way of producing consistently. Our automated processes allow us to be equally consistent across all production scales and variants. You can now expect the same high quality, no matter what variant or quantity you need for your fabric.

  • Optimal Tensile Strength: Tensile Strength decides how well the yarn will blend into the aimed end-product quality. Too high of strength can make it difficult to weave or knit the product. The weak tensile ability makes the yarn break in the middle of the production. We have perfected the process to give you the precise tensile strength you seek for economically producing high-quality fabric.

  • Globally Revered Quality : Our yarns are used by textile manufacturers and intermediaries across the globe, with major clientele present in China, Bangladesh, Peru and Turkey

  • High Output Capacity : With our operations continually scaling, we have the systems in place to match your needed output capacity, without compromising even on the smallest metrics of quality.

Custodians to Your Ordering Process.

Ordering just the perfect yarns can be a little difficult, given the nuances and large quantity of ordering. A minor error in the order can disrupt your manufacturing process. With the Shivtex team by your side, you don’t have to worry about the risk of ordering errors.


How to Order the Perfect Cotton Yarn?

  • Define the Features of the End-Product You are Manufacturing.
  • 2. Map the Constraints You Have in Achieving Those Qualities. 2. Our Customer Success Team will Help You Define Key Metrics.
  • Evaluate Key Metrics: Count, CSP, IPI, COUNTCV, and Elongation
  • Ascertain the Optimal Order Size.
  • Contact the Shivtex Team.

How Can Shivtex Help You?

  • Contact the Shivtex Team.
  • Our Customer Success Team will Help You Define Key Metrics.
  • Specify Your Quantity Needs and Quality Standards.
  • Chart the Timelines and Other Specifications.
  • Use the Shivtex Cotton Yarn to Grow Your Business.